The collaborations against Peter and Miles returns with classic!

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Back in the early 2000s, when Marvel started its Ultimate imprint, separate from the classic continuity, those comics got their own designation: Earth-1610. The MCU has taken inspiration both from the 616 universe and the 1610 universe, but as its own separate continuity, it would need its own number. Just because Mysterio was lying doesn’t mean the multiverse is false, but until we get a unique designation for the MCU (or the Spider-Verse worlds, for that matter), don’t get your hopes up for a meeting between Peter and Miles.

Then again, if Holland’s rumored Spider-Verse cameo had actually materialized, this would be an easier claim to make. The fact that Venom ended with a post-credits scene teasing Spider-Verse seemed to suggest that Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was also part of the same greater multiverse as Spider-Man Noir. Even without directly referencing Spider-Ham, a confirmation that the MCU was part of a greater multiverse would open the possibility that it could eventually cross over with those other films. But for now, it seems like Sony’s solo Spider-movies will likely remain separate from the studio’s MCU collaborations.
While the trailers teased the start of a multiverse, the universe torn apart after Thanos’ snap, Mysterio’s comic book history as a trickster is faithfully maintained; sadly, there is no Spider-Verse in the MCU (yet).