Patrick Wilson aware of Michael Cimino deadly act uninvited guest!

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Judy (played by Mckenna Grace) is the sweet but lonely daughter of the newsworthy paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren (played by franchise MVPs Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson). Watching over Judy for an initially uneventful babysitting gig is Mary Ellen (played by Madison Iseman), who is aware of Judy’s reputation as the “spooky” girl at school and doesn’t care. An uninvited guest shows up, snoops around the Warrens’ off-limits basement, and unleashes the clearly dangerous Annabelle doll from the glass case with the clearly marked “Warning – Positively Do Not Open” sign.

What ensues is like a small-scale, more contained variation on the third act of Ghostbusters, when the storage facility opens and lets all the bad ghosts out. Annabelle Comes Home is kind of a demonic Home Alone and succeeds in letting its young cast run with the story.

This is the working definition of a sleepover movie, the kind of are-you-brave-enough-to-watch-this scary movie that will resonate with teenage babysitters. Helping things considerably is an effective and very-funny subplot, in which Mary Ellen’s crush (played by Michael Cimino, another find) stops by and awkwardly expresses his affection.