Alexandre Ajax broke spider trilogy with its new convection!

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James Perran Ross, emeritus wildlife biologist at the University of Florida and expert on alligators, said the trailer shows something “a bit fanciful” but may be loosely based on truth.

“I would say it’s cautiously plausible,” Ross said. “Perhaps it’s stretching it a bit, but it wouldn’t be a horror movie if it didn’t.”

Directed by Alexandre Aja (“The Hills Have Eyes”) and produced by Sam Raimi (“The Spider-man” trilogy) “Crawl” promises to hit close to home following the devastation to Florida from Hurricane Michael in October, which was also a Category 5 storm.

The trailer, released May 2, has garnered over 20 million views. It teases thrilling scenes with Scodelario’s character, as Keller fights, and even shoots, alligators to stay alive in her house’s basement (or crawlspace) during the stormy weather.