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Mysterio’s create ultimate monster simulations heartache!

But the authorities in Prague refuse to evacuate a city even when there’s a massive, credible threat looming. Forget the light show and run for the hills. Great Britain’s leadership doesn’t dispatch a fleet of fighters to shoot everything they have at Mysterio’s ultimate monster simulations. They’d be scared and they’d have no way

Who called Peter Parker the underdog quantum!

Download Spider-Man: Far From Home Abrams: I’m going to ignore your blasphemous Ray Harryhausen comparison and instead focus on the concept of lowered expectations. In my suitably grandiose opinion, only mediocre to lousy movies benefit from lowered expectations. Remember Bumblebee, the recent Transformers movies that many of our peers liked, partly because it was

Why Gyllenhaal’s reveals rom-com Fake News is Media!

I can’t stand Far From Home’s inevitable trudge toward a unified universe where things just happen for the sake of brand reaffirmation. I don’t care for this movie’s take on Gyllenhaal’s character or the way that much of the plot feels like a wake for Tony Stark, Omniscient Millionaire. And I’m also frustrated by

Why peter and nick fury urge with Tarantino heartbreak!

Not that a movie has to be filled with edgy material not to feel geriatric. When Agnès Varda died earlier this year at the age of 90, she ended her career having followed her own path from her earliest days to the end, including some final films reflecting on her own mortality that were