Mysterio’s create ultimate monster simulations heartache!

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But the authorities in Prague refuse to evacuate a city even when there’s a massive, credible threat looming. Forget the light show and run for the hills. Great Britain’s leadership doesn’t dispatch a fleet of fighters to shoot everything they have at Mysterio’s ultimate monster simulations. They’d be scared and they’d have no way of knowing if their missiles and bullets would work. But they would actually kill several of the drones generating the augmented reality BARF simulation. And they’d kill Mysterio’s sleight of hand as a result. Yet nobody other than Spider-Man tries to do anything.

Finally, there’s the whole Quentin Beck situation. Even if Maria Hill and Nick Fury aren’t the real deal, Mysterio’s real name should have raised a flag with others. “Wait, we also have a Quentin Beck on Earth-616; he worked with Tony Stark and was then fired. Was Tony a hero on your Earth too?” I mean, how is nobody paying attention to these details? This is a massive oversight from an intelligence force led by the resurrected Nick Fury. They’re building SWORD up in space, but can’t even perform background checks?

Just a few days ago I explained that an Avengers 5 might not drop in the next couple of years, but that movie is coming down the road. The Avengers are the glue that keeps everything in the MCU together, and that’s why all these plot and continuity issues matter. And while we do want Spidey to be on the lighter side of things — not that it can too light now that the world knows who Peter Parker is — these Spider-Man films should also help paint a bigger picture that’s a bit more realistic. Yes, we want a break from the Endgame heartache and suffering, but can we have some reminders about what just happened to the planet? You know, on top of all those Iron Man memorials.