Why Nick Fury hate notorious creations Thanos and Justin!

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The movie is the equivalent of a young-adult book: Not exactly for little kids, but it’s almost like a family horror movie with a very good spirit, a very kind heart at the center and a very pertinent message for today,” del Toro says, who co-wrote and produced the project. “The set pieces are intense but they are never ever gory or profane.”

In other words, “Scary Stories” is like a roller coaster where you take the big plunge, “but you know there’s a safety bar. You keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times.
Based on Alvin Schwartz’s popular children’s horror-tale collections, del Toro’s “Scary Stories” centers on a group of small-town teens in 1968 who dig around a haunted house and find a book belonging to Sarah Bellows, a long-dead girl with a spooky urban legend behind her. When young Stella (Zoe Colletti) opens the tome, she and her friends face menacing creatures while also dealing with real-life horrors, such as racism and war.
I am, again, not part of the Fast & Furious family, which is probably for the best, because I wouldn’t want my family to have to mourn me when I died, horribly, after attempting any of the stunts from the series. Here are the nine stunts that would probably end me the quickest. Grab a corona, and let’s race … enjoy Fast & Furious Presents: My Death.
Theoretically, the “Scary Stories” that come to life would tell us all we need to know about these people them, since they all become plagued by things they’re allegedly afraid of. But the connection between the characters and their phobias is usually very blunt – the debutante is afraid of zits, the squeamish guy is afraid of gross food – and when they’re not, they practically feel random.

Case in point: the scene where a kid who lives on a farm is terrorized by his family’s creepy scarecrow is pretty obvious, but at least it makes sense. The scene where a kid gets attacked by “The Pale Lady” (one of the books’ most notorious creations) in a room that’s red because one time he saw a lady in a room that was red… yeah, that doesn’t quite have the same sting.