Gator sanctuary was destroyed giant gator and methamphetamine!

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Smith said he crawled about half way through the space when he saw a cat wearing a green cashmere sleeveless shirt belonging to one of his Chihuahuas staring back at him.

“No one leaves a dressed cat in a crawl space unless they’re coming back or they’re still here,” Smith said. “So I got out and shut the door.”

Smith, his fiancée and her relatives retreated outside and called 911. Gresham police officers arrived soon after.

About 15 minutes later, Smith said they heard what sounded like handcuffs tightening and saw officers leading a man out the front door. The stranger was wearing Smith’s fiancée’s hooded onesie adorned with hearts and snowflakes.

“We were livid,” Smith said. “Our sanctuary was destroyed by someone who had no business being there and here he is wearing my fiancee’s clothes. There’s just no reason for it.”

Smith said the couple spent a year looking for their first home together and three months purchasing the Gresham house. They had almost finished moving in when they were burglarized.

Over the three hours the home was left unoccupied Sunday, Smith said the man broke in through the bedroom window, went through the walls, made himself coffee, ate a cupcake, drank beer from the fridge, smoked their marijuana and played video games in the garage. Needles were on the ground in the garage, that police said had methamphetamine inside, Smith said.