Why Nick fury screams and feared of demon doll donna!

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The doll seemed to move around the apartment on its own. It would change positions and eventually transport itself to different rooms. In several instances, Donna would place the doll on the living room couch only to find it in her room on her bed with the door shut. During one of these instances, Donna found the doll on her bed covered in a red liquid substance that appeared to be blood.

The doll also began leaving messages on parchment around the apartment, even though Donna and Angie did not own parchment. The messages would say “Help Us” or “Help Lou” (Lou, being a friend of Donna and Angie’s fiance). Roughly a month after these strange occurrences began, Donna and Angie contacted a medium and held a seance with the doll.

The medium revealed that the doll was possessed by a spirit of a young girl named Annabelle Higgins, who felt comforted by Donna and Angie and wanted permission to inhabit the body of the doll to stay with them. Touched, Donna and Angie allowed “Annabelle” to inhabit the doll’s body, not knowing who or what they had released…
Soon after, the strange occurrences became violent.

One night, Lou and Angie heard strange noises coming from Donna’s bedroom. Afraid that someone was trying to break into their home, Lou went to investigate and found nothing but Annabelle in the corner of the room on the floor. As he got closer to the doll, he felt the presence of someone behind him.