An alligator becomes predator the wild summer thrill!

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#CrawlMovie is a fast, vicious, and nasty summer thrill ride. It plays a tight, effective game; and it’s the sort of movie that the warmer months used to deliver between blockbusters. Hot damn was it fun, and I’m ready to see it again. Oh, and see it with an audience. Worth it.
— Michael Reyes (@MrControversy83) July 9, 2019

#CrawlMovie is an absolute blast. Taut, ferocious filmmaking. I’ve never seen a concept so simple executed with such bravado and precision. 

It was the best part of a year ago when we first called it, and it looks like we’ve been proven right.

We said that Crawl was likely to be the most fun movie of 2019, and off the back of the reactions to the first screening of the movie in the States, we feel safe in saying that we are 100% correct.

A group of lucky journos were brought out to the Paramount lot in Hollywood, Calfornia and given an early look at the film, and just take a look at these reviews and try not to be excited.

First up, we have Perri from Collider:

#CrawlMovie is a batshit, wild summer thrill! I'm a pretty quiet movie watcher but that went out the window here. Forget "edge of your seat" - had to stop myself from jumping out of it a few times. See this one on the big screen with a packed house.

Movies like THE SHALLOWS, 47 METERS DOWN, and last year’s THE MEG have been getting people to the theaters the last few summers so they can witness some shark-munching terror, but this year things are getting switched up. Getting rid of the shark and bringing another aquatic predator, an alligator, to feast on unsuspecting humans, CRAWL is hoping to be this year’s creature-horror hit, and the first wave of critics have officially experienced the terror first-hand. Does this croc-feature have what it takes to keep audiences on the edge of their seat?