Peter Parker crawls infuriating side note after haunting galore!

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I liked how this movie shed light on some of the other objects in the room because I’ve always wondered what they did to end up in the same room with Annabelle and this movie finally lets us know. It introduced some interesting and VERY terrifying new hauntings including a Ferryman and a wedding dress with a mind of its own. Potential spin-offs galore that’s all I’m saying!

We don’t see a lot of Ed or Lorraine in this movie, but I’m glad to report that their absence did not make this movie suffer. If anything them being away made it scarier because it left three novices in their place with Judy leading the charge against Annabelle’s terror. It really showcased Judy’s character and I thought Mckenna Grace did an impressive job. Judy possesses elements from both of her parents that helped them combat Annabelle and it just made this movie shine.

There was also some unexpected humour in here which was really clever because it helped balance all the fright. “Bob’s got balls” is a common saying, said by many in this movie and it never got old. Bob is a cute and awkward teenage boy who’s crushing on Judy’s babysitter, Mary Ellen. There’s one moment where he heroically tries to save a chicken from a hellhound and it’s HILARIOUS! I won’t spoil anymore, but I will say that I won’t be surprised if Bob becomes a fan favourite. Plus, it’s also great that the humour doesn’t take away from the very serious nature of Annabelle either.

One thing that’s still bothering me, which is only minor, but in the trailer when you see Annabelle on the bed with Judy, what you don’t see is Mary Ellen coming in to check on her, not giving the Annabelle doll a second look. First off, the doll is absolutely terrifying in every possible way and second she’s known the Warrens for a while so she should know that that doll is not one of Judy’s, but she leaves not knowing the difference. It’s just an infuriating side note that I had to get off my chest. This is just a small a negative comment to a really good movie!