Why chucky is feared of Alligators and Catastrophe looms!

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Alligators are an obvious, dangerous antagonist. Climate change is a lot more complicated. Global warming isn’t some slithering bad guy that’s come to feast on our flesh. It’s the cumulative effect of our own horrific choices. Dave choosing to tinker around in his basement crawl space during a hurricane is a good metaphor for the U.S. reaction to rising temperatures and rising seas. Catastrophe looms, and our collective response has been to just keep behaving like there’s no catastrophe. We’ve gotten ourselves into a very narrow space, from which there is no escape. Then we’re surprised when the water rises over our heads.

Crawl is a pulpy, goofy version of that age-old man vs. nature conflict. But climate change isn’t really about man vs. nature. It’s man vs. his own waste products. We are drowning—not in water, but in our own shit. A good chunk of the planet’s animals are being buried in our byproducts as well; we’re currently in a human-caused mass extinction event that threatens mammals and insects alike. We aren’t battling large predators for survival. We’re creating conditions which will kill off everyone, including the biggest apex predators. Which would be us.

At a crucial moment in the film, while the alligators are circling, Dave gives Haley a pep talk, reminding her how hard she worked as a swimmer, and how she never gave up. In a familiar,, silly but still effective scene, the badly injured Haley manages to out-swim some alligators through sheer willpower and gumption. The message is typical Hollywood: If you believe in yourself, you can do anything. The sky’s the limit.

Then you remember that our determination to do anything and everything has pumped the sky full of carbon dioxide. We’ve outcompeted all the other life forms so completely that we’re in the process of outcompeting ourselves right off the planet. We need some acknowledgement of our limits before we unhinge our jaws and miraculously swallow ourselves whole. Action movies love to celebrate the indomitable human spirit, but our determination to bend nature to our whim, and crush those crawling things beneath our heels, is not so inspiring when all that crushing and stomping sends the coastline crumbling into the sea. We’re so busy killing alligators, we’ve forgotten the real storm is coming.