peter parker got trapped with drone-projected illusions!

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One consequence of his actions was obviously an effort to frame Spider-Man for the Elemental con job at the heart of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Beck knew what he was doing from that moment through to the end of the film, as there would be ample “evidence” of Spider-Man fighting the drones.

Through Quentin Beck’s narrative, that fight will look like nothing more than Spider-Man creating a menace to fight, in the name of making himself look like a hero. Meanwhile, through his own death at the hands of Spider-Man, Mysterio would become a martyr. All he had to do was lure our true hero into the right set of circumstances.

Spider-Man: Far From Home has some of the coolest fight scenes that involve Peter Parker getting to know his patented Spidey Senses, or “Peter Tingle” as the film has renamed it. It makes for fantastically shot scenes where Spider-Man is flinging himself through drone-projected illusions.

There’s just one problem with these scenes: the events depicted also the perfect cover for Quentin Beck’s illusions as Mysterio. We, the audience, see these scenes the exact way Beck wants us to see them play out. So we’re fooled right alongside Peter Parker when it comes to what is exactly the truth.

Already establishing that Beck had an endgame of his own in mind, it’s safe to assume that he prepared the narrative where he dies the hero in advance of his “showdown” with Peter on the Tower Bridge. All that had to happen was for the spider to wander into the web of his enemy, and it was showtime.