Skrulls kills Peter and Tony with fork and Zendaya!

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how they then went about crafting a con artist story that kept the audience engaged without spoiling Mysterio’s secret, the film’s structural challenges, and the “eureka!” moment from director Jon Watts that led to MJ (Zendaya) revealing she knows Peter Parker is Spider-Man at the precise moment he’s trying to confess his feelings. The two also talked about that Skrulls twist, and how an early iteration of Far from Home featured Mysterio as a Skrull.

ERIK SOMMERS: Typically, when we start on a Marvel movie—and we’ve done three now—they’ll have a document that they have put together with ideas for the movie based on source material, their own internal conversations, things from the overall MCU that might be pulled in, things that need to be addressed based on other movies. That’s always a really useful starting point, and we’ll all look at that document and that’ll be sort of a source for conversations. And then we’ll take it from there, but things can change a lot. It’s just a set of ideas to sort of get the whole conversation started.

When you guys were hired, did you know that you were coming out right after Endgame? Was this kind of always set up to be the next Marvel story being told after that big Avengers movie?

SOMMERS: Yes it was. It seemed to make perfect sense too because, obviously, over several movies, the relationship between Peter and Tony has been built. And now with what’s happened in Endgame, it seems very natural that the next Spider-Man movie would be dealing with that.