Tom Holland denied bubble predology after chaos!

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That’s one of my favorite aspects of the film, is that his plan and his plot ties thematically into this idea of, for lack of a better term, fake news. Selling the lie, because that’s what people want. Was that kind of exciting for you guys to really kind of dig thematically into Mysterio, in addition to, obviously, kind of the visual aspects of him? Really kind of hitting upon something that speaks to the world we live in today.

SOMMERS: Obviously we live in a world of fractured reality. Everyone is living in their own bubble of what they see as the truth. We follow social media that just confirms our own biases. We can’t even agree on what’s fact and what’s fiction. Yeah, so all that plays into this character who’s able to manipulate reality, and get everyone to believe something and even though it’s so clearly, by the end, a lie that he’s been telling, half the world still believes it.

For the first act of the movie, Mysterio is set up as the good guy. Was there ever a version where he was an ally to Peter Parker, or where he was actually from another dimension, or even where you just kind of held on to that façade until later on in the film?

By time Spider-Man: Far From Home ended, a lot of big events transpired in the final act of the film’s story. Peter Parker (Tom Holland) finally became comfortable with being a responsible superhero, while also balancing his life as a teenager in a relationship.