Old crimefighters Berenger the prestige rituals to witlessly!

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This is a classic noir premise: the good man with the dark past who can’t avoid being stained by all the messes he’s created. And Harvey’s cast — which includes “Longmire” star Robert Taylor as Nick’s lawman father-in-law and Frank Grillo as one of Nick’s angry old buddies — has exactly the right look and presence for this kind of picture.

But while Harvey does a fine job evoking the violent, character-driven crime pictures of the 1970s, he can’t quite make “Into the Ashes” feel original enough to be vital. There are too many prestige cable dramas now that are just like this movie: oppressively self-serious and drearily grim, with more investment in their premise than their plot.

Take “Grumpy Old Men,” add superpowers, and the result is “Supervized,” a genial comedy that’d be easier to like if it weren’t so excruciatingly unfunny. Between the witlessly raunchy dialogue and the rudimentary jokes about superheroics, director Steve Barron and a team of screenwriters waste a fun cast that includes Tom Berenger, Beau Bridges, Fionnula Flanagan and Lou Gossett Jr.

Berenger and company play retired heroes, crankily whiling away their days at a retirement home, overseen by an officious administrator who makes sure they don’t use their powers. When they suspect that a conspiracy is afoot to sideline them permanently, the old crimefighters put their awkwardly fitting costumes back on and swing back into action.