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And to be sure, not every movie needs to reach a billion dollars to become a hit. Moreover, they don’t need opening weekends near $200 million to ensure profitability. They also benefit from home video and lucrative merchandizing deals. But these dazzling, photo-realistic adaptations don’t come cheap. The studio spent $175 million in production fees, and hundreds of millions more to market and distribute “The Lion King.”

“You know you’ve set a bar pretty high when you expect every movie to hit $1 billion,” Dergarabedian points out.

Plus, if all else fails, Disney can start remaking Pixar movies. Get ready for a live-action “Ratatouille.”

Marvel Panel Recap at San Diego Comic-Con 2019

We recap Marvel’s Comic Con Panel where Kevin Feige announced’ ‘Shang Chi,’ ‘Black Widow,’ ‘The Eternals,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ “Blade’ and sequels to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ ‘Thor,’ ‘Doctor Strange’ and ‘Captain Marvel.’ Natalie Portman will play a female ‘Thor.’ Angelina Jolie is set to star in ‘The Eternals.’
The 72nd Annual Writers Guild Awards will take place in coinciding ceremonies in Los Angeles at the Beverly Hilton and the Edison Ballroom in New York on Feb. 1, the Writers Guild of America announced. The WGA will begin voting in November and will reveal this year’s TV nominees Dec. 5 and film Jan.From the moment the light rose on screen, and the animals begin singing ‘The Circle Of Life,’ I knew this film would be something special. Disney’s The Lion King 2019 movie will be adored by generations of people– those who have been enamored with the 1994 animated film since it debuted, and a slew of others who are newcomers to the tale.