Why Nick Fury Hide impressive Quinn immersive experience!

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The only downside of this format is, if your CGI or costumes are dodgy and unconvincing, then 4K at 120 FPS will definitely reveal every flaw. And while Gemini Man overall looks grand in this format, it suffers from one glaring flaw that 120 FPS mercilessly reveals – the CGI for the antagonist, which looks acceptable in the few shots you will see of him in the trailers, winds up looking like bad video game graphics. It’s uncanny valley from hell, and it becomes laughable at some points.

It’s obvious the process for creating the antagonist involved using a stand-in actor and then creating a purely animated face inserted over the stand-in. So it wasn’t really comparable to de-aging CGI you’ve seen successfully created in other recent films, and the difference is painful to behold in Gemini Man.

It could be that in regular format theaters, the lower frame rates and lower quality of visuals and color creates a false impression of acceptable quality for the CGI. If so, then frankly Gemini Man just isn’t good enough to justify paying for a ticket to a regular theater to see it. This movie is only worth seeing in theaters precisely because of how revolutionary the 4K at 120 FPS + Dolby Vision + 3D looks, and how it will help shape your expectations for future blockbuster releases. So I recommend finding a theater screening it in that format, and just prepare yourself for the flaws in exchange for the benefits the screening provides.

One other thing worth mentioning about Gemini Man – I’m betting the audience scores for the film will be much more positive than the critical reviews, even lacking the impressive immersive experience of 4K at 120 FPS, Dolby Vision, and 3D. And I think a lot of those folks will enjoy Gemini Man as a simple action popcorn flick they don’t need to think too much about, with some nifty action and likable leads. The film will probably be seen by more people on home release than in theaters, and the fact it’s cheaper to rent for home release will mitigate some of the story flaws for people who just want escapism that doesn’t make them think too hard.