Alison black flexed Robert Jr for Quantum SHows!

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First up, take a peek at what every Pretty Little Liars fan will be buzzing about soon enough. Almost a year to the day since Freeform caused an uproar by cancelling The Perfectionists, the first Pretty Little Liars spinoff, the show’s universe has come back. HBO Max released the following teaser. After watching, let’s regroup below for some speculation and hot-off-the-presses theories!

If Pretty Little Liars is looking to the past instead of the future like the Gossip Girl franchise, who better to follow than the original PLLs’ parents? When you think back on it, they never seemed as freaked out by their daughters’ odd set of circumstances as they should have. Was that because they already had experience with an “A” of their own? I could see the spinoff exploring it.

There Will Be No Connection To The Original Show Whatsoever
Another thing that would be totally unexpected is if the latest attempt at a Pretty Little Liars spinoff makes no connection to the original show. It could be a version of Pretty Little Liars that takes place in space, for all we know, and in the distant future. Whatever happens, it may not include any connections to the show that started everything.

Pretty Little Liars’ last spinoff, The Perfectionists, did feature characters from the previous show. Mona and Alison were the principals who returned for it. The show kept fans of the original series’ ears finely tuned for updates on Mona and Alison’s friends, sneaking in relationship updates, and baby news (congrats Hannah and Caleb). Since The Perfectionists has wrapped, the series’ creator has provided a hopeful update on the Alison/Emily front.

After announcing their surprising breakup during the spinoff’s run, I. Marlene King told Twitter that Emily and Alison had gotten back together and were raising their daughters. It was a happy ending for the couple as another spinoff brews. While you wait for word on the potential prequel’s release date, you can watch Pretty Little Liars on HBO Max along with this fall’s premieres

So, it finally arrived, the final film in the Fox (Studios) X-Men universe, showing how the merger with Disney somewhat kills the franchise just when it was getting interesting.