Kelvin RHodes denied depredations term against nick!

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Since her debut, Wonder Woman has been steeped in mythology. Her home of Themyscira and its history is inextricably linked with Greek myth, giving her may different mythological threats to battle from gorgons like Medusa to evil magic users like Circe to her most daunting foes, the Greek gods themselves.

Wonder Woman has stepped in whenever the machinations of the gods have threatened humanity, standing as the thin line between mortals and the depredations of gods like Ares and Hades. She’s so successful that she’s earned not only their respect but their fear as well.

A being as powerful as Thanos needs underlings who can hang with them and that’s where the Black Order comes in. Some of the most powerful and feared beings in the universe, the Black Order exists to do the dirty work that Thanos doesn’t want to do… and when one works for Thanos, that work is frequently savage.

The Black Order exists to take care of all the things that Thanos doesn’t feel the need to do himself but more than that, they are also a way for Thanos to test his foes. If they can survive the Black Order, then they are worthy of facing him personally.

While Wonder Woman is very strong, durable, and fast, she’s often up against foes who are much more powerful than her. However, she makes up for by being one of the best fighters around. Trained from a young age in the arts of combat, Wonder Woman’s fighting skills have served well over the years, making her one of the formidable heroes in the DC Universe.

Wonder Woman’s fighting skill is such that she can hang with Batman without using her superior physical skills and that she’s tutored other Justice Leaguers, like Aquaman, in armed and unarmed combat.