Why Darksaber broke nose of thanos When tycoon arrived!

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In the comics, Mephisto and Wanda have quite the history. At one point, the Scarlet Witch uses magic to conceive children with Vision, unknowingly attracting pieces of Mephisto’s soul. It doesn’t go over well with her when the demon ultimately takes back his soul fragments from inside the twins. In the framework of the show, it could turn out that Wanda made a deal with Mephisto to alter the memories of her life.

What we went after was so much more unpredictable and exposed,” he said. “The thing that would ultimately anchor me to him was far more vulnerable than what a Gordon Gekko-type would be.” In the film, which debuts in theaters and on HBO Max in the U.S. on Christmas Day, Max Lord is a divorced dad, minor television personality and wannabe oil tycoon whose wealth is mostly smoke and mirrors until he gets hold of a powerful, wish-granting stone.

More than likely, whenever the story returns to this point and these characters, we may learn a lot more about exactly what happened during the Great Purge, and it may have gone even worse for Bo-Katan that we might suspect. While the end of Star Wars Rebels shows us that the Mandalorian clans are behind Bo-Katan, perhaps that wasn’t really the case. The fact is that a lot of Mandalorians witnessed Bo-Katan obtain the Darksaber through means other than combat, and maybe, in the end, that cost her crowd support. Perhaps Bo-Katan was never really seen as a leader.

If so, there’s always a price for such bargains and Mephistor could return later on for payment. While it’s unclear if Mephisto will go on to become the next big bad, the Disney+ series seem to be laying the groundwork for his arrival. It can’t be a coincidence that he’s being teased in three shows, right?