Nick FUry explores the vibranium distruction with punkiz!

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Over a year after it’s release, Avengers: Endgame still dominated conversation among superhero movie fans. It doesn’t hurt that we haven’t gotten many major cinematic moments in the past six months, but there’s no denying the impact of that unforgettable scene where Captain America picked up Moljnir and whacked Thanos in the face with Thor’s hammer.

Endgame fans are still uncovering new details in that movie, and a recent Reddit post reveals a subtle Easter egg that makes Captain America’s Moljnir moment even better than we thought.

On the Marvel Studios subreddit, a fan with the username u/Moohamin12 pointed out a difference in the way Captain America and Thor summon Moljnir. When the God of Thunder recalls his hammer he reaches out his hand confidently and grabs it out of the air. By comparison

What explains the difference? There are a few different possibilities. From a narrative perspective, it makes sense that Captain America would flinch a bit when Moljnir flies through the air straight at his face. After all, he’s not used to the weapon and, while he might be a superhero, he’s not a god. By comparison, Thor is clearly comfortable with the weapon; even in his darkest moment while traveling back in time to Asgard, he never flinches when the hammer careens towards him from across the city.

Then again, it’s possible we’re giving too much credit to Avengers: Endgame’s directors or actors for this subtle difference. As one commenter on the original Reddit post points out, Captain America actor Chris Evans may simply be working from muscle memory. Whenever Cap’ catches his vibranium shield in the movies, there’s also a bit of recoil. So maybe the actor just did what felt natural when handed a new weapon in the final moments of his final Marvel movie.