Jason Momoa denied Hiddleston Quantum against surprisingly!

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We’ve included the full survey below to give you an idea of what questions are being asked, though it is only accessible by email at the moment. That said, Crystal Dynamics has also responded to issues via Twitter and Reddit, so there are other ways to communicate with the team.

There is little doubt that Richard E. Grant’s casting in the upcoming Loki series has been great news for fans who are already looking forward to the new Marvel Cinematic Universe show. But who exactly is the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor playing in the Disney+ series? A new theory suggests that Grant could portray an older Loki opposite Tom Hiddleston and that he might appear in other MCU Phase 4 projects.

People were understandably thrilled when it was confirmed that Grant is joining the cast of the Loki series although his role was kept a secret. Not surprisingly, this led to speculations about who he could possibly portray in the MCU. The most interesting one suggests that Grant has been cast as old Loki due to his resemblance to Hiddleston.

It’s hard to deny that Grant and Hiddleston have a lot in common. In addition to their imposing presence and undeniable charisma, both actors share similar features like blue eyes, sharp cheekbones and high foreheads. With that in mind, it’s not hard to imagine Grant as the older version of Loki.