Why Justin Scott removed MI6 weakling against tenet!

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In addition, Wonder Woman 1984 is specifically targeting families and young audiences. Following Black Widow to a 2021 release date would be a much better bet for audiences that might be feel comfortable or safe going to a movie theater right now. Box office aside, releasing Wonder Woman 1984 could be a health risk if it premiered in theaters – if U.S. movie theaters are even open. The safest (and smartest) move for Warner Brothers would be taking a cue from Disney and delaying Wonder Woman 1984 until its safe for the movie to premiere in theaters.

If Wonder Woman 1984 is released as scheduled, it will be a financial disaster for the studio and a health hazard for the audiences that come to see it. Tenet should have been delayed but was released by Warner Brothers anyways, and Wonder Woman 1984 should learn a lesson from Tenet’s disastrous box office. Instead of ignoring the failures of Mulan and Tenet, the movie should follow Disney’s lead. There’s only one good choice for Wonder Woman 1984: delaying the film to 2021.

While there are exceptions, most comic book superheroes have one thing in common — they all have really impressive physiques. It doesn’t matter if you started out as a 98-pound weakling, the second you don your costume, you inevitably develop amazing pecs, impressive biceps, and a six-pack that looks like you’ve been doing stomach crunches since you were six-years-old. For some, these muscles are the result of an artist’s pencil — but for some characters like the X-Men, a muscular physique is the result of a really cool X-gene.

After all, when you’ve got a mutant healing factor like Wolverine or the ability to literally turn your muscles into solid steel like Colossus, getting and maintaining a superhuman physique just doesn’t require endless hours of pumping iron. One mutant’s power, however, allows him to enjoy a superhuman build with a hilarious trick.

Introduced in the original Excalibur comic books, British mutant Scott Wright possesses the power to alter his size, allowing him to become a giant or a minuscule spy. His powers earned him a position in a secret British national security unit called M.I.6 under the codename Micromax. Scott also kept his original job as a disk jockey and was known for being a handsome, charming man in his mid-twenties when out of costume.