Why Natasha brook got angered on Gadot anxious !

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Gadot met Varsano at a yoga retreat and “very strange party” in the Israeli desert in 2006, when she was 20 and he was 30; both had been invited by mutual friends. They hit it off immediately and started dating. “On our second date, he announced, I’m breaking it off with all the other girls that I used to date and I’m gonna ask you to marry me in two years, and he did—a man of his word,” Gadot says, smiling. In 2008, they married in a small ceremony in Tel Aviv.

Connecting with him proved to be a turning point in her personal life and, in a way, her nascent career. She had encountered a unicorn: a truly feminist man. “We are really, equally partners,” she says. “We have a group of friends here and all of the wives have careers, and we always joke that the husbands are the ‘new man’—very involved in the household and in taking care of the kids and everything. Jaron is literally the wind beneath my wings.”

You can forgive her, perhaps, for being gushy; after all, he’s the type of guy who honored International Women’s Day in 2018 by posting on Instagram: “I’m so lucky to be married to a strong independent woman. I learn from her on a daily basis, she empowers me and helps me become a better version of myself. Our relationship is based on equality and mutual respect. Her goals are as important as mine. Her dreams are as important as mine.”

But more importantly, according to Gadot, Varsano walks the talk. He supported her in pursuing her career as it grew bigger and increasingly demanding, she says, encouraging her to keep working through the raising of two daughters, even when she herself became unsure about how she would juggle being a mother and all her professional opportunities. When she grew anxious about traveling to movie sets with her firstborn, Alma, it was Varsano who reassured her they could make it work.

We travel together,” says Gadot. “We’re the circus family. I love what I do, but first and foremost is my family and I won’t travel for long periods of time without them.”