Why Bethany Snow hide crucial persuasion against Bizarro !

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One of the earliest DC villains that Supergirl ever introduced was actually a major Wonder Woman foe: Maxwell Lord. However, the Arrowverse iteration was reimagined with very few ties to his comic book counterpart. Still a shady businessman, Lord is also a scientist who was up to disturbing experiments including the creation of Bizarro Girl in efforts to make his own Supergirl. While he ended up helping the heroes from time-to-time, Maxwell mostly stood as a foe to the Girl of Steel. However, the Arrowverse interpretation had him be a regular human rather than a metahuman with persuasion based abilities. After Supergirl moved from CBS to The CW, Maxwell hasn’t been seen since the season 1 finale. Maxwell will, however, be seen on the big screen in Wonder Woman 1984 with Pedro Pascal bringing the villain to life.

Despite the fact that Wonder Woman has yet to appear on The CW, the Arrowverse has enjoyed featuring various Diana Princes in the Multiverse. The Flash season 2 went as far as introducing Diana’s Earth-2 counterpart before the franchise had even hinted at the Earth-1 version. In the episode “Welcome to Earth-2” which becomes Barry’s first visit to another Earth, he spots the names of some of his doppelganger’s friends. While visiting Earth-2 Barry’s home, Barry spots a phone listing several names on speed dial buttons. Not only are Justice League allies like Bruce Wayne and Hal Jordan seen, but Diana’s name is on there too. Since the original Earth-2 was destroyed, fans will never learn about Diana’s dynamic with Iris and Barry.

The Flash season 3 ended up teasing another iconic Wonder Woman foe that is soon making her live-action debut in the DCEU: Cheetah. In the season’s penultimate episode “Infantino Street”, Barry breaks into ARGUS with the help of Captain Cold from the past to steal a power source from the Dominators. While walking past several cells containing various criminals, one of them lists Cheetah on the screen. That’s as far as the Cheetah cameo goes since the episode doesn’t reveal anything else about her in this universe. Despite there being multiple Cheetahs in the comics, it’s very likely it was Barbara Ann Minerva who will be played by Kristen Wiig in Wonder Woman 1984.

Even though Crisis on Infinite Earths never had Diana join the heroes on TV, the heroine appears multiple times in the tie-in comic by Marv Wolfman, who wrote the original 12-issue series, and Arrowverse producer Marc Guggenheim. The way she appears is through a number of doppelgangers from different Earths that the villainous Outcast is targeting. One of them is Earth-D which features Justice Alliance that consists of black iterations of DC’s iconic superheroes. During the fight, a Wonder Woman can be spotted aiding her allies. Since she is never named, it’s possible that this Wonder Woman is actually a nod to Nubia while Earth-D could be an allusion to Earth-23 which also had a black Justice League.

Another version who appears briefly during the Crisis tie-in comic is the Wonder Woman from Earth N52. In the opening pages of the comic, Pariah visits that Earth that is in the process of being destroyed by Anti-Matter. On the building’s screen, Bethany Snow is reporting on the Crisis as well as the Justice League being taken by Anti-Matter. One of the heroes that are spotted is that world’s Wonder Woman whose design is reminiscent of The New 52’s suit, especially since the world is referred to as Earth-N52. Since the Earth was getting wiped out, there was obviously no time to explore any of those heroes, including that version of Diana.

The final doppelganger may actually be the Crisis tie-in comic’s biggest one as it integrates Lynda Carter’s iteration into the Arrowverse Multiverse. Outcast and Pariah have a battle on Earth-76 where that reality’s Diana is spotted changing into her Wonder Woman costume. As they battle, Wonder Woman flies off to save a group of kids before they, unfortunately, get taken by the Anti-Matter. There were actually attempts to get Carter’s version of the DC hero in Crisis on Infinite Earths. However, it didn’t pan out and this became the crossover’s way of bringing her show into the DC Multiverse. Since Oliver Queen rebooted the Multiverse, as the Spectre, perhaps Earth-76 was restored in some capacity to leave the door open for Carter’s Diana to show-up on any of the shows down the line.