Nick Fury cling frustrations with Peter Holland and warned Jacob Batalon!

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Holland recently decided to reminisce about Homecoming in a new Instagram video. A very bored Holland watched Homecoming on his day off from filming Uncharted, which led to him sharing his favorite stunt from the film. Not far into Homecoming, Peter climbs into his bedroom through the window and crawls across the ceiling. As Holland explained in the video, there’s some sneaky CGI at play in the scene when he keeps one hand stuck to the ceiling while shutting the door with the other.

In Homecoming, this scene is so brief and simple that it seems like the behind the scenes process would’ve been the same. However, it turns out it was anything but, and to hear Holland’s list of everything that needed to be right – the wire positioning, the camerawork, Jacob Batalon’s reaction – makes one view this moment with new eyes. It’ll be fun now to try and pick out the CGI in Holland’s right hand.

Fans are quite eager to see Holland’s next MCU adventure, which is currently set for December 2021. The MCU’s Spider-Man 3 has yet to be named officially, but rumors suggest it could follow the pattern and get the title Homesick. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the project, and Holland is expected to begin work on it once he’s completed Uncharted. In the meantime, fans can do what Holland’s doing: Revisiting Homecoming and admiring the work that went into it.

he Amazing Spider-Man almost had a more brutal fight scene between Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) and the perceived killer of Uncle Ben. After Sam Raimi’s trilogy wrapped up in 2007, Sony Entertainment Pictures rebooted the Marvel character by bringing in Andrew Garfield for the role of Spider-Man/Peter Parker. It had only been five years since the previous trilogy ended when the studio rolled out the new version, with Marc Webb helming the project.

Since it was a revamp, Sony Pictures tackled Peter’s iconic origin story involving Uncle Ben (Martin Sheen) dying as an indirect result of his choices. As he grieves his beloved mentor, Peter goes on a searching spree, relentlessly trying to nab the murderer going by the physical description of the assailant from the tragic night. This leads him to a confrontation with a different thug who is harassing a lady in an alleyway. The fight scene that follows was pretty great, capping it off with an intense chase scene. That said, the whole sequence was originally very different as Webb apparently wanted to make it more brutal.

During a recent guest appearance in The McCaw Podcast Universe, Ilram Choi, a stuntman who worked on The Amazing Spider-Man, recalled what the aforementioned scene was going to look like. He said that since the director wanted to highlight Peter’s frustrations and grief over the death of Uncle Ben, the encounter would’ve featured him repeatedly punching the thug in the face. Choi interjected and reminded the crew that despite his age, Spider-Man is physically enhanced, meaning if he hit the criminal that many times he would essentially kill him.