Why Letty Ortiz reluctantly caught with tom holland!

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Wonder Woman 1984 works beautifully as a followup to the superhero’s 2017 adventure, expanding Diana’s character and leaning into the ’80s with style. It’s easily the most emotionally engaging DC Extended Universe movie, with eye-popping action scenes, vivid settings and a positive message that’s a breath of fresh air. Jenkins’ next stop might be a galaxy far, far away, but let’s hope she and Gadot reunite for another DC adventure soon.

While that’s the last we saw of Gisele Yashar in the Fast & Furious movies, one of Furious 7’s deleted scene was a flashback of her rescuing Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty Ortiz after nearly being killed during the events of Fast & Furious. Now, you might think it’s pretty cut-and-dry that Gisele’s story is over, but don’t forget that while Han Lue was thought to have died too, he’s back in play for F9. If the Fast & Furious world operates off the same ‘no body, no death’ rule that superheroes stories do, then there’s always the chance that Gisele could still be alive and has been keeping a low profile all these years.

You see, Mandalorian tradition holds that the Darksaber can only be won through combat. As the blade is a symbol of Mandalorian leadership, the only way to prove one is worthy of that role is to defeat the one who holds the weapon. When Din Djarin attempts to simply give the Darksaber to Bo-Katan, she reluctantly refuses it for this reason. But there’s something of a problem with that, because in Star Wars Rebels, the Darksaber changes hands through non-combat means multiple times, and one of those times, it’s Bo-Katan herself who takes it.

However, even if the Fast & Furious filmmakers wanted to bring back Gisele Yashar, Gal Gadot would also need to be on board for it. Because Wonder Woman 3 is a ways off due to director Patty Jenkins working on Rogue Squadron next, it may be a while before Gadot plays Diana Prince again. So one wouldn’t be faulted for thinking that’s just the opening needed to squeeze her back into the Fast & Furious saga. On the other hand, Gadot has a few other projects lined up, so scheduling could still be an issue, and it’s hard to tell if Gadot is even interested in returning to the role at any point.